Business Partners


BrainSpaces, Inc.

BrainSpaces, Inc. engages the expertise of WDMCS students, educators, and the broader community. They apply research and theory with real-life insights and best practices.  BrainSpaces is partnering with WDMCS to help develop the Master Plan to include innovative school facilities that truly support learning. 




The West Des Moines Community Schools' Superintendency is the leadership team who helps ensure students are provided the opportunities and resources they need to succeed. This team is comprised of the following four roles:

  • Lisa Remy, Ed. D.
  • Paul Bobek
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Carol Seid, Ed. D.
    Associate Superintendent of Human Resources
  • Michelle Lettington
    Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Christine Maduro, operations director, and Laine Mendenhall-Buck, school/community relations director, will provide additional support for this project.

Focus Groups

Three focus groups will meet to provide feedback at the elementary, junior high, and high school level. These groups are comprised of WDMCS administrators and teachers.

Elementary Focus Group

  • Tara Amundson, Crestview School of Inquiry
  • Kristin Beckman, Fairmeadows Elementary
  • Carey Buchanan, Western Hills Elementary
  • Holly Gilmore, Hillside Elementary
  • Jenny Gustafson, Crossroads Park Elementary
  • Stephany Henderson, Western Hills Elementary
  • Allyssa Herrin, Clive Learning Academy
  • Olivia Johnson, Westridge Elementary
  • Graham Jones, Hillside Elementary
  • Amber Kuehler, Fairmeadows Elementary
  • Wendy Mann, Crestview School of Inquiry
  • Sydney Mark, Westridge Elementary
  • Aaron Pals, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Mindy Stieber, Clive Learning Academy
  • Barb Tigges, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Tamara Tjeerdsma, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Suzanne Walsh, Hillside Elementary
  • Connie Weaver, Crossroads Park Elementary

Junior High Focus Group

  • Anne Bennett, Stilwell Junior High
  • Eric Boyle, Stilwell Junior High
  • Shane Christensen, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Julie DeMicco, Stilwell Junior High
  • Josh Frey, Stilwell Junior High
  • Alice Fuglsang, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Geoff Grubb, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Jas Overlin, Indian Hills Junior High

High School Focus Group

  • Chris Barfels, Valley High School
  • Samantha Beeman, Valley Southwoods
  • Mitchell Kuhnert, Valley Southwoods
  • Leah Lingren, Walnut Creek Campus
  • David Maxwell, Valley High School
  • Janell Mikels, Valley High School
  • Jeremy Mikesell, Walnut Creek Campus
  • Tim Miller, Valley High School
  • Kelli Moore, Valley High School
  • Amanda Osler, Valley Southwoods
  • David Schubert, Valley Southwoods
  • Ted VanDeventer, Walnut Creek Campus
  • Erica Whittle, Valley High School



Shive-Hattery is an architect firm with seven locations including one in West Des Moines, IA. WDMCS considers Shive-Hattery a valued partner in developing learning environments that allow students and educators to collaborate, explore project-based learning and become innovative problem-solvers.  The firm is developing solutions that will impact all WDMCS grade levels and buildings. 





Facilities committee

The Facilities Committee is comprised of WDMCS administrators, parents, and students. The group was created to collect feedback from each building. 

  • Ruth Avila
    Crestview School of Inquiry parent
  • Nathan Ballagh
    Westridge Elementary Principal
  • Suzie Bean
    Western Hills Elementary parent
  • Steph Blobaum
    Walnut Creek Campus student
  • Paul Bobek
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Eric Boyle
    Stilwell Junior High Principal
  • Julie Carroll
    Valley Southwoods parent
  • Shane Christensen
    Indian Hills Junior High Principal
  • Joseph Correa
    Valley High School student
  • Kim Davis
    Walnut Creek Campus Principal
  • Dr. Robert G. Davis
    Crossroads Park Elementary Principal
  • Heather Derr-Smith
    Walnut Creek Campus parent
  • Alicia Emanuel
    Indian Hills Junior High parent
  • April Fleischman
    Hillside Elementary parent
  • Janelle Green
    Clive Learning Academy Director
  • Kimberly Jerdee
    Clive Learning Academy parent
  • Amy Johnson
    Fairmeadows Elementary parent
  • Graham Jones
    Hillside Elementary Principal
  • Michelle Kennedy
    Crossroads Park Elementary parent
  • Mitchell Kuhnert
    Valley Southwoods Principal
  • Joe Libby
    Teaching and Learning Services Executive Director
  • Rachel Manning
    Indian Hills Junior High student
  • Laine Mendenhall-Buck
    Director of School/Community Relations
  • Tim Miller
    Valley High School Principal
  • Mason Morrow
    Stilwell Junior High student
  • Pamela (Brooke) Nelson
    Westridge Elementary parent
  • George Panosh
    Western Hills Elementary Principal
  • Brandon Pierce
    Fairmeadows Elementary Principal
  • Lisa Remy, Ed.D
  • Liza Rogers
    Jordan Creek Elementary parent
  • Brad Rose
    Valley High School Director of Athletics and Activities
  • Bryan Stewart
    Valley Southwoods student
  • Quincey Terry
    Indian Hills Junior High student
  • Michelle Thornton
    Stilwell Junior High parent
  • Carol Throm
    Valley High School parent
  • John Villotti
    Crestview School of Inquiry Director
  • Paul Wenger
    Jordan Creek Elementary Principal