New Direction for Master Plan

JuLY 8, 2019 Board of education MEETING

At the July 8, 2019 Board of Education meeting, The Board approved Option D along with Stilwell and Indian Hills learning environment improvements.

June 10, 2019 Board of education workshop

At the June 10, 2019, workshop session, the WDMCS Board of Education provided direction to district administration regarding the full Facilities Master Plan. After hearing a presentation, which provided an overview of several options and pricing, the Board selected Option D. This option included the Phase I work approved in October 2018.

  • Phase I: Work on Clive Learning Academy, Crestview School of Inquiry, Western Hills Elementary, and several smaller projects at Valley High School, Valley Southwoods Freshman High School, and Valley Stadium.


PPEL: $60,573,800

The Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) is a voter-approved levy that provides annual revenue for ongoing expenses for the district such as building repairs, property construction, energy conservation, safety improvements, and technology.

Extended One-Cent Sales Tax (estimating 1-2% growth): $82,389,997-97,131,379

The one-cent sales tax is known as the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education tax, or SAVE. School districts use the revenue to pay off long-term bonds used to finance school infrastructure projects and classroom technology needs. The Iowa legislature passed the extension of SAVE in spring 2019.  

Total Estimated Revenue Sources:  $142,963,797-157,705,179

Last fall, the Board reviewed several options and requested administration to adjust any recommendations to accommodate a $150 million cap to fund all three phases. The Board chose not to consider a bond referendum as a funding source.

Option D Overview (Phases II and III)

  • Elementary: All elementary buildings will become PK-5 buildings. (Phase III)

  • Indian Hills and Stilwell junior highs: Buildings will transition to sixth- and seventh-grade buildings; no significant changes to infrastructure. (Phase II)

  • Valley Southwoods Freshman High School: Building will transition to an eighth- and ninth-grade building; significant expansion to add eighth grade. (Phase II)

  • Valley High School: No significant adjustments other than the Phase I projects.

  • Walnut Creek Campus: No changes.

  • The proposed 9-12 Innovation Center is no longer included in the Master Plan due to funding limitations.

Click on the image to view a full breakdown of Option D.

* The lightbulb icon indicates work to improve furniture, lighting, common area usage, and other aesthetic changes that will enhance learning environments and help to provide equitable spaces for grades 6-7.

** The question mark icon indicates the move in this direction prohibits conversation of a 9-12 building for the foreseeable future.