Fit Analysis

How Well Do WDMCS Facilities Support Benchmarks?

Proposed strategies for facility improvements can only be developed after spatial needs are identified. With the alignment of educational goals and school facilities as a priority, each comparison of benchmarks-to-facilities will identify areas of compliance as well as areas of deficiency within each WDMCS facility.

Space We Aim To Have - Space We Actually Have = Space We Need

(facility benchmarks) - (existing facilities) = (deficiencies)


The results of the analysis become a key component of the decision-making process. Activities during this step include:

  • Tour all schools.
  • Identify uses and square-footages of each room/space in each school.
  • Compare actual existing spaces and square-footages with benchmarks for each space in each school. Flag inconsistencies or deviations.
  • Compare actual existing school layouts with benchmark adjacency goals. Flag inconsistencies or deviations.
  • Compare actual existing school grounds with site benchmarks. Flag inconsistencies or deviations.
  • Summarize Fit Analysis into graphic floor plans for each school.
  • Create written educational adequacy summaries for each school.


Once the above steps are completed, the following reviews will take place:

  • Site-based Review: review findings, critique and fine-tune.
  • Leadership Workshop: review findings, critique and fine-tune.
  • Community Workshop: present benchmarks and Fit Analysis.